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DID YOU KNOW? Random Northshield Scribal Tidbits

Therica Pembrooke of Stonegate Manor became the first Northshield signet to have to relinquish the roll of signet due to becoming royalty.

During the principality reign of Cnut and Nina, Cnut personalized his name with an arrow as the “T”, and Nina personalized her name with a star as the dot of the “I”.

During the principality reign of Tarrach and Fiona, Fiona (who had recently joined the ranks of the scribes) chose to honor the Northshield awards They gave by doing the scrolls herself. Her household joined her by doing all the AOAs for that reign. Midrealm awards continued to be assigned through the signet.

During the Principality reign of Alasdair and Isabelle, Alasdair used a stylized version of a sea horse (his device) as his signature. Isabelle added a water drop (her device) to her name.

During the Principality reign of Tristan and Eilika, They rarely signed Their signatures, instead using personalized wax seals.

Before the term of Medb of Twin Rose as Principality signet, non-traditional scrolls were significantly more rare. During her tenure Medb, Danl of Twin Rose, and Gevehard von Baden worked hard to expand the definition of an award “scroll”.

During the second kingdom reign of Lars and Mary, They became the first set of royalty to choose to sign their names with the “II” on Their award scrolls.

Ailleanne ingen Faelin became the first NS Kingdom signet to relinquish her job due to becoming royalty (making her the second signet to do so in NS history).

During the Kingdom reign of Vladimir and Petranella, They requested that the Saint's Day the event was held on be added to the scrolls given in Their reign.

At the end of the reign of Vladimir and Petranella, Petranella chose to learn calligraphy in honor of all the art that came through Their hands, and did all her own calligraphy on the cyphers she gave out in thanks.

Vladimir and Petranella also created the Order of the Peacock. Since stepping down Petranella has joined the ranks of the scribes, and volunteers to do at least the calligraphy on any Peacock scrolls she can that are awarded.

Gabrielle Le Chevreuil is the only Northshield Signet to be placed upon BOTH the Principality and Kingdom Northshield Scrolls of Honor for her work to Northshield's scribal community.

In the second reign of Morgan and Lusche, Morgan chose to match their signatures to the hand used on the scroll, and Lusche added her own touch with three small dots after her name to represent the poppy's on her device.

Former Northshield Signets:

As a region of the Midrealm:
Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe
Moraig Anne Drummond
Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys

As a Principality:
Therica Pembrooke of Stonegate Manor
Saexburga (Akatyariena of the Winds)
Gevehard von Baden
Gabrielle Le Chevreuil
Medb of Twin Rose

As a Kingdom:
Medb of Twin Rose
Roxelana Bramante
Astrid of the Yellow Rose
Ailleanne ingen Faelin
Astrid of the Yellow Rose
Gabrielle Le Chevreuil
Jutta van der Bruegghen (known as Ivetta)
Ia ingen A'eda

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