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Northshield has developed a scribal atmosphere where “object” scrolls are encouraged. Why only let people who paint and do calligraphy have all the fun?

There are no firm rules regarding scroll construction. Remember, it is being read into court by the royalty with warranted officers present that makes the award “legal”. The scroll is the physical manifestation the recipient gets to take with them. As such, there is a lot of flexibility for what you can do, and what information “needs” to be there. For example, a full award text is not required (although is lovely in many cases, depending on construction). Some nice information to include are:

Presenting Royalty
Name of honor bestowed
Name of recipient
Date presented

The non-traditional scroll (anything not paper) has been used in a myriad of ways, and can be simply decorative, or functional, as well.

Some have pulled on things the recipient does, or is getting the award for. For example, a brewer receiving an etched bottle, a wood worker a mallet, an archer a wrist brace, a pen case for a scribe.

Some may be things appropriate to the person's persona. For example, a Venetian fan for a late period lady, or a spell for a Pictish one. A carved stone for a Norse persona.

Other things turned into impressive, creative, and unique scrolls include, but are not limited to: plates, mugs, period underwear, daggers, girdle books, musical instruments, arrows, embroidered tapestries, etched spears, hats, shields, woven belts, pouches, armor (for humans, or horses), banners, jewelry, and way too many to list!

A good resource to check out is the NS Scribal Gallery

To follow one scribes journey into non-traditional scrolls, check out Geirfold halvblindi Kolbeinson

Some visual examples:

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