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Are you missing an award scroll?

The following are the scrolls currently unclaimed by their recipient. If you are the proud owner of any of these incredible works of art, please contact the Northshield signet at

If you do not see your award scroll here, and you are missing one, please contact Jutta van der Bruegghen (known as Ivetta) at ​ She will work with the signet to either locate your scroll, or arrange for a replacement to be made.

AOA to Sorcha Hathgiver
for waterbearing ​and fighting
given by Tarrach and Fina, Midrealm
March 12 AS XXVII at Gulf Wars

AOA to Duncan McThorne
for blacksmitting and assisting others
given by Dag and Elayna, Midream
July 8, AS XXXV at WW VII

AOA to Einar Razznarson
given at That Moot Thingy, Feb. 5th, AS XXXIX
for serving the Canton
Siegfried and Bredei
Feb. 5th, AS XXXIX

AOA to Siglen of Jararvillir
given for devotion to Middle Eastern dance
by Riato and Aesa
Dec 10th, AS XL at Boar’s Head

AOA to Tiffany the Waterbearer
For her tireless efforts at Pennsic
given by Lars II and Mary II
Pennsic, August 6th, AS XLIII

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