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Books that may be helpful:


Medieval Calligraphy by Marc Drogin

The Art of Calligraphy by David Harris

The Calligrapher's Bible is also by David Harris

Construction, Calligraphy, and Illumination:

Introduction to Manuscript Studies by Raymond Clemens and Timothy Graham

Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work by Jonathan J.G. Alexander

A History of Illuminated Manuscripts by Christopher De Hamel

Images in the Margins (Medieval Imagination) by Margot Nishimura

This is by no means a complete list. However, here are links to a variety of online manuscripts:

Map of Digitized Manuscripts in Europe: European Map

Fancy a Giant List of Digitised Manuscript Hyperlinks?

Carolingian Manuscripts

A collection of Coptic manuscripts: Coptic Manuscripts

Book of Kells: Book of Kells

An earlier period book of Hours: Book of Hours

Early period portraiture: Early Period Portraiture

the Macclesfield Alphabet Book: Macclesfield Alphabet

Bas-de-page marginalia galore! Marginalia

Black Book of Hours: Black Book of Hours

Berkeley Digital Scriptorium

British Library

von 780 bin 1180

Browse by Time can zoom in to see brush strokes

Collection of online digitized manuscripts

Bestiary:The Book of Beasts by TH White

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