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Scroll blanks are always welcome! Any blanks donated may be used as awards to be handed out in court, special invitations to gatherings hosted by the royalty, special thank you notes, or as confirmations/prizes for the winners of tourneys or competitions. Any blanks donated to the kingdom may be added to, or touched up, to better suit the purpose needed.

Getting started can be simple.

Suggested paper:

Bristol board: acid free, relatively inexpensive, smooth surface for calligraphy, nice weight. Bristol comes in both “smooth” and “vellum”. Sometimes people find the smooth difficult to paint. However, the vellum is sometimes difficult to callig, due to it's porous texture. If doing full scrolls, experiment what works best for you. If doing blanks, please be kind to your calligrapher!

Hot press water color paper: similar to Bristol with a smooth surface for calligraphy

90lb-140lb smooth archival/ acid free papers: smooth surface for calligraphy, paper is heavy enough that it won’t crease or crinkle easily with multiple handlers in the royalty room, travelling home, or in the mail

Pergamenata or ‘spam’ vellum: good substitute for vellum, many techniques carry over without the added cost

Vellum / parchment: period surface, expensive – special techniques are necessary for a good outcome

Discouraged paper:

Scrapbook paper: These can vary widely. Some are not acid free, some are really too thin to stand up to normal scroll handling. Some, which are more like card stock, are heavy enough, and acid-free. They may, however, be porous and difficult to callig.

Newsprint paper: really, really too thin, and also not acid free

Photo copy/printer paper/Calligraphy writing/practice paper: too thin to stand up to handling and prone to buckle when wet. Also, may not be acid free.

Imitation vellum writing paper: same as above – This is not the vellum you are looking for!

Suggested paints:

Gouache paints: another modern version of period paint (easily available, fairly inexpensive)

Water colors: another modern version of period paint

Egg tempera/glair: a period technique. Go for it!

Light fast inks: unless they are period inks, you don’t want your work to fade in a few years

Period pigments: They are not as complicated as they seem. Be brave and give it a try!

Discouraged paints:

Felt tip calligraphy pens: They do come in acid free, however the end product tends to looks sloppy. They just don’t have the crisp edge that a metal nib or a quill has. Best to avoid them when possible.

Markers: In addition to not being period, the ink is rarely light fast (fades easily) and the end result looks like marker, not an attempt at recreating something pre-1600.

Colored pencils: With few exceptions, (they had black, white, red, and a few others but they were used for sketching, not for documents) colored pencil are also not period and the end result looks modern.

Crayons: Do we need to explain this one?

Oil/acrylic/enamel/poster paints, etc (These should be avoided when working on paper. However, they my be the best options if you are working on wood or another ground/medium)

Suggested information to include on the back of your scroll would be:

Name of scribe: SCA and Modern

Contact information: post address or email address

If known, you can even include a general description for the time period, and style of the scroll.

Why do we want your contact information?

Occasionally a recipient may wish to thank you. Please give them the opportunity!

While it isn't possible to get images of every scroll donated, we are trying our best to take images when we can. With your contact information, it is possible for us to send you a photo of your scroll blank with the calligraphy added, so you can see it in it's completed form.

Also, the NS Scribal Gallery is a wonderful way to display the variety of our kingdom's scribal talents. With your contact information, we can get in touch with you regarding the inclusion of your work.

Also, if you are willing for your generously donated art to be displayed, you can include a release form with your donated scroll blanks, allowing for permission to add them to the gallery when complete.


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