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Useful, miscellaneous information

Northshield's Baronial Precedence by order of founding:
  1. Castel Rouge - Current Baron and Baroness: David DuPont and Clare Agatha MacLeod
  2. Jararvellir - Current Baron: Robert Talbot and Leona Talbot
  3. Caer Anterth Mawr - Current Baron and Baroness: Armond le Charpentier and Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli
  4. Nordskogen - Current Baron and Baroness: Geoffrey of Warwick and Sitt al-Thullaja (Samia)
  5. Windhaven - Current Baron and Baroness: Grimmund Blackwing and Mira Fastova
How to Lay Out Seating for a Multi-Hat Court

The most senior noble by precedence is the center of the seating. Typically this is Their Majesties but not always. All other seating alternates from this position starting on the right of the central position then the left in descending precedence. This may change depending on who exactly is present. Descending order is as follows:

Northshield King and Queen Foreign King and Queen Northshield Prince and Princess Foreign Prince and Princess Northshield Landed Baronage based on above table Foreign Landed Baronage based on founding date

So for example, when Castel Rouge is present, they are the ranking Baronage. When absent, this falls to Jararvellir. If it is a Regency Court held by Their Highnesses, they occupy the central position when otherwise they are the first position to the right.

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