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Polaris Herald (Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent)

  • The One In Charge for Northshield's heraldic community. Polaris serves a two-year term, changing over every other Boar's Head, with the option of a one-year extension when necessary.

Polaris Signet (Katerinka Lvovicha)

  • The One In Charge for Northshield's scribal community.
  • Signet Deputies: Kit Marik syn, Jutta van der Bruegghen called Ivetta, Svanhildr Farbjornsdottir called Svanna

Keythong Herald (Mearha Fyrstdohtor)

  • This is the person who takes your submissions, forwards the money on to the kingdom's heraldic exchequer, and puts everything up on OSCAR for all the heralds of the Known World to comment on.

Minister of Protocol (Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair)

Clerk of Precedence (Eilis mac Maurice)

Rede Boke Herald (Merideth NiShionniach)

Blawhorn Herald (Geirfold halvblindi)

Aegis Herald (Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir)

Eastern Regional Deputy Herald (Grimmund Blackwing)

Central Regional Deputy Herald (Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms)

Western Regional Deputy Herald (Heledd of Mathrafal)

Isunden Herald (Gabrielle le Chevreuil)

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