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This is where it all begins

What is this thing?

Xinshi (信使) is a Chinese word for “messenger”. It seemed like as good a nickname as any for this site during the Building Phase. I may change it later – we don't tend to use Chinese much in the SCA. But I sort of like the sound of it, so I may not!

OK. That's great. How do I pronounce it?

In the pinyin system of rendering Mandarin, both 'x' and 'sh' represent sounds like English 'sh'. The difference is where you put your tongue. 'Xin' should be spoken with your tongue behind your bottom teeth. 'Shi' should be pronounced with your tongue curled up against your palate, although it'll be easier if you just pronounce it like a normal, English 'sh'. Together, they should be pronounced roughly /shin-shih/

If you're feeling really fancy, 'xin' should be spoken in a falling tone, while 'shi' should be spoken in a high-low-high swooping tone.

...You're a sadist

That's beside the point. Heralds should know how to pronounce weird things, anyway :-)

What do you mean by "Building Phase"?

We're just getting started. There's actually almost nothing to see here, yet. That will hopefully change shortly.

What do you mean by "unofficial"?

At this time, this site has no sanction of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. or the Kingdom of Northshield. It operates entirely independently, and will do so for at least the Building Phase.

So who's in charge of this crazy thing?!

Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair is responsible for the site itself.

Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir is responsible for curating the Heraldry section.

Katerinka Lvovicha is responsible for curating the Scribal section.

I've been asked to add content. How do I do it?

Heraldry items should go in the Heraldry section.

Scribal items should go in the Scribal section.

Drafts and experiments should go in the playground section.

If you don't really know how to add stuff to a Wiki…um…be patient. There'll be instructions here soon. There's also documentation on the edit pages that will help a bit.

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